Pisces: About This Zodiac Sign

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How does Pisces affect your life?

Read this article to learn more about Pisces personality, compatibility, and esoteric purpose.

If you are a Pisces, read this article to explore useful aspects of your sign. Though you are often at ease, this information may help you encounter the edges you seek.

fish, pisces, symbol
The symbol of Pisces is the Two Fish.

Sun Sign Dates

Born between the months of February 19 — March 20

Explore the Myth

In the Greek myth of Pisces, it was two fish who helped the love goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros narrowly escape the monster Typhon. Athena immortalized the fish by placing the Pisces constellation among the stars.

It is also rumored that Aphrodite and Eros (Venus and Cupid in Roman mythology) actually turned into two fish, tied together by a cord.

constellation, two fish, pisces, stars, fate
Constellation of the Two Fish in Pisces.

Ruling Elements

PLANET | Neptune (modern), Jupiter (ancient)

MODE | Mutable



COLORS | Sea-green, lavender

STONES | Amethyst, jade

pisces, mutable, neptune, water, planet, meaning
The Pisces sign is mutable. It is ruled by water and the planet Neptune.

What is a Mutable Sign?

Mutable signs are the chameleons of the zodiac. They are resourceful, critical, and wise. They are the absolute best at preparing people around them for transformations and the changing of seasons.

Embrace how resourceful, charming, and easygoing Pisces can be. Part of their intense joy comes from loving others' most impulsive and adventurous ideas.

Pisces will explore the unknown, the mysterious, and the strange. They often wish to be minimalists, so as to add space for movement.

Be wary of the Pisces desire to please and unify. Since it is the larger goal of the fish to dissolve all boundaries, they can become suddenly stubborn in their search for water, flowing freely and inconsistently. Sometimes they they might lie to you, or change their mind at will.

If you need help adapting to a difficult change in your life, reach out to a Pisces. The fish is incredible at convincing their friends, and even their enemies, to explore strange new paths.

The other mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

Characteristics of a Pisces

Pisces are the 12th sign of the zodiac. They are full of the scattered traits that make up the world.

The integrated, old soul of Pisces can light you up with the unparalleled treasure of understanding of what it means to fly.

The Pisces also has a surprising pragmatic streak, with the ability to perfectly root into solid ground. It is because of their access to the zodiac that they can communicate with every element and find peace within any situation.

Sometimes, this entanglement of traits can make a Pisces unstable. Their mind is like a porous veil, inhaling both peace and chaos.

When Pisces have control over their permeability, they can transmute these energies in uplifting and wondrously grounded ways. You will see what they see. They might reveal energy as stable, reliable, and timeless as the forest. The world is a spectacular, cohesive map, an adventure to sink into without worry or ego. You are beautiful to be alive, beautiful to be sad—it's that simple.

Sometimes, the artistic aspect of a Pisces reveals their spirit in assertive, even dangerous, ways. If they begin to embrace the intensity of these amorous inner connections, which can feel quite pleasurable and triumphant for them, their animalistic and obsessive nature can emerge in fiery bursts of energy. The calm ocean peaks into a tidal wave.

Luckily, most Pisces can sustain the fall, and may barely remember their own startling intensity. Some Pisces actually sustain such high frequencies that they rarely encounter descent.

If you are a cynical personyou may find the wild Pisces to be something close to unwitting—but give their methods and philosophies a chance. It is not uncommon to be surprised by the strength and vitality of the intuitive Pisces.

If you are a magical thinker, you might be advised to take caution. Pisces who do not practice grounding their energy can sweep you up into the sky with them, without reason, no hesitation, to explore the stars. Go ahead, but know that they have access to your inner configurations. Often, they know just what to say to get you to join them on the adventure. Pisces loves company.

intuition, imagination, pisces, gifts, pisces gifts, special, astrology
Pisces are gifted with great intuition and imagination.

Are Pisces Psychic?

When a dreamy Pisces person gazes into the distance, it is because they are receiving information from the super-conscious realms, watching the concrete reality around them dissolve quietly in astral light. 

Likely they won't make a show of it—though if you ask them, they might take some time to deconstruct the shapes into pseudo-scientific, metaphysical explanations for your abstract pleasure.

On foggy days, the more grounded Pisces will choose not to communicate with you, especially not for a reunion. It's possible they'll sit quietly with you to crackle some already-burning ashes, admire the world and its feminine, pacific principles, and think of symbols.

Pisces embrace their inability to feel real. Often, they are in touch with patterns instead. Yet the philosophical nature of Pisces seals in their destiny of earth, concreteness, truth, and reality all the same. 

They can respond to their deep emotions as though the world were a new friend. Pisces are sometimes following an inner compass so ingrained and unconditional that they can become stubborn and urgent about their own spirituality.

Pisces do well as healers, educators, and nurses. They are excellent at customer service. Their compassion helps them see into another's atmosphere and gracefully—though not without exaltation—make offerings that meet even subtle needs. Pisces do their best healing work in the space between body and brain, where veins trace the arm, where blood meets the heart. In love, they do not know how to hide their tears. They admit their feelings with fervor and a heart-wrenching, divine sadness. When angry, they might dam their love in order to be heard. This is a pragmatic gesture in Pisces eyes. 

It takes a while for Pisces to understand drama and games, but they want so badly to be good at them. This life, with its calm nights and woundings and unsurpassed treasure, suddenly gets lost in union. The Pisces shakes their head clear of it and starts research again with new determination. What is it to strategize? What is it to know ahead of time on purpose? Pisces will sometimes tire of their own nature and attempt to unlock what's real on some other side. This might free and direct stress in helpful ways for the constellated mind of Pisces. Their repetitive attempts to re-learn reality in its entirety may prove futile—the results may even seem cruel to some, depending on context—but the process is always worthwhile in terms of extracting meaning from a source.

A wounded Pisces is a star taken aback. They have the most fun and experience their greatest triumphs when they can foresee dramatic events. Unexpected tragedy will often humble the Pisces into a brand-new existence. Events, instants, shakings, forebodings, spiritual hiccups, epiphanies, dazzling leaps of intuition that would make Aristotle proud: these define the fuzzy, strange, enigmatic spirit of Pisces. Pisces is the slow-warming teapot of the world.

They are sensitive. It is reason enough for them to find solace in the spaces in-between, because they can. It is so easy for a Pisces to fall to one side. Mercy comes to them at sunrise, at sunset, where the ocean meets the sand, where the sky meets the water, where their feet meet the ground, where their head meets the air, where their hands meet yours. Grace comes to them in the moments between sleeping and waking. 

If you want to give a poet Pisces a wonderful treasure, buy them a tiny hourglass filled with white sand.

Pisces Friendships

Pisces love deeply. There is no other way to say it. They are with you, and they wish to support you no matter what you're going through. If you need to talk on a long car ride, call Pisces. They'll be genuinely interested in hearing your confusion. They ask a lot of questions, whether they say them aloud or not. Their wondering voice is their second self.

State, city, road, age, gender, awkwardness level, moral integrity—Pisces will love you, find it easy to extend their energy towards your collaborative betterment.

However, if life falls out of balance, Pisces may panic. They may panic directly at you. They may recede into shadows or hide, shouting their disguises, in blazing sunlight. They will follow the invisible thread out to safety, to escape. It will feel romantic. Sometimes, it will feel empty. It will not always happen. If a Pisces has a bad day, tell them it's okay to stay.

It's not easy to be a Pisces, but it's certainly enjoyable. You will figure this out whether they are enthusiastic or quiet about their adventures. Simply watch them complete a task and notice their special focus, their balanced loving respect for the particular.

It's easy to become intimidated by a Pisces. This seems surprising, but it is how full of dreams they are that scares us. We want assurance that everything exists forever. We ask ourselves, as we watch Pisces face challenge after challenge: Could their reality be the true one? Could I deconstruct my world this way and continue to exist as I am?

Never be afraid to push a Pisces forward. They embrace fear and change, and will be grateful for your support. It gives them great joy and pride to make difficult choices, to learn from and listen to emotion, and to work on healing pain—especially if it's in ways the people around them don't understand yet.

Secretly, Pisces are guards of love. In lunar moments they know their own peace. They thank the sun for their exterior. It gives them a reason to be unusual.

Pisces Associations

Endings | The ability for a Pisces to see in-between helps them sense the moment when one thing becomes another. 

Death | Becoming and transmuting is newness and grace to a Pisces. Let them tune into themselves for a while. Let them talk to you about unconditional existence and the twin worlds they are sure of.

Solitude | Though togetherness feels natural, being alone is very special to a Pisces. Each time a Pisces finds an escape in their imagination, they find a way to return home.

Transcendence | Light might come to the fish as memory or forgetfulness. The future becomes an echo of the present. The leaves gather like pointed ears in the periphery of a Pisces. History is important—they can see easily how many homes they have—but even the most prolific Pisces can suffer from a deeply quiet amnesia.

Dreams | Pisces reminds us: Do not forget neutrality, the unquantifiable, or the the importance of respite. A Pisces will take time to sit by a bonfire, to go hiking in childhood woods, to cook something simple. Their sullenness is not resentment; their joy is not caught up in expectation. They are lucid in waking life. That is not to say Pisces are not wandering.

Sleeping | The warmth of bed. The clouds meet Pisces in sleep, and the two fall into sky together. Stunning, subtle prophecies find and uplift the slumbrous Pisces, who murmurs or cries out in thanks just as the eyes begin to open.

The Ocean | Pisces need motion that is more like a transfer. Their impulsive, psychic nature brings adventure and confusion in equal measures. Tell a Pisces to schedule something as big as the sea, and they will find it easy and pleasurable as the drive to work, as lucky as inhaling the scent of a memory. Although it may seem unlikely, Pisces are often punctual. They find it simple to reconcile their obligations because they feel familiar with them. Cosmic dreams and a resting place ring out just the same.

Formlessness | Two fish make an endless circle, saving one another from the sun when it burns too hot. If the ego burns bright, it's because it's time. Forgive Pisces for recognizing themselves in windows and glass doors; they may have been here before.

Friendships and Compatability

Pisces and Aries | Mars meets Neptune: rusty, active fire meets a gaseous orb. Only when the rhythms are reconciled can these two find their unique connection. The Pisces simpers and smiles; the Aries is inexperienced and excitable. When both signs are confident and trust each other, and especially if they know each other from childhood, the differences between them become superficial.

Pisces and Taurus | Absolutely. Extremes of air and soil make a natural, stable, and inspiring relationship. They will find beauty together in the oddest things, and especially the moon. They understand each other easily, through gestures and facial expressions and snippets and little mutterings of song. But be careful: this relationship burns so bright, one's feelings for the other can turn to smoke out of nowhere.

Pisces and Gemini | Twins meet twins. This makes for multiple possibilities and even greater potentials. Expect boredom suddenly overturned by respect, healthy balance that transforms into dissatisfaction, and surprising passions found together simultaneously. Gemini tends to be more integrated than Pisces, but less likely to expand into unknown territory.

Pisces and Cancer | You find each other physically beautiful. You laugh about things no one else finds funny. Your connection is contagious, inspiring others to agonize over what it is they're missing. At night, after the bottle of wine is gone, the keyboard's been played, and the song's been sung, you talk of your humble dreams and concrete philosophies about life's purpose.

Pisces and Leo | This relationship tends to brings out the worst traits in both signs. Leo perceives Pisces as arrogant, flighty, and dishonest. Pisces does not feel safe around Leo and misses the easy idealism and support of their friends. These signs would get along best at a structured forum, although they secretly share some spiritual beliefs. They could learn much from one another if they don't build up a resentment.

Pisces and Virgo | This is a magical meeting of two souls whose differences bring them into sublimity. Both signs are mutable, and this mirroring creates a multi-reflection of respect in each sign. Where there is self-love, there is love. The two will not be afraid. Virgo is astonished by the beauty that Pisces unearths from nothing. Pisces is grateful for the deep intellectual security.

Pisces and Libra | Connected through Venus, they might decide to fan a gentle, natural flame. They connect best when collaborating artistically, and alight one another with temperance and consistency. Trust may be difficult for Libra because of Pisces' outgoing nature.

Pisces and Scorpio | The intense, exalted flame that others find frightening in Pisces makes Scorpio fall instantly in love. Together, their idealism, enthusiasm, and sense of time will help them plant a root and grow into the sky. They ask one another, in fascination, about absolutely everything.

Pisces and Sagittarius | They challenge one another to adventure after adventure. When they focus together on philosophy, emotion, spirituality, they become fast friends. Their longevity comes from shared depth, and especially the mutual need to learn and grow. The two can connect in unusual and life-affirming ways.

Pisces and Capricorn | The two have an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bond. They will attempt to grow together. They will find humor, trust, and a unique rapport. But belief systems may differ enough that Capricorn backs off of mystical Pisces, choosing to focus on career, romance, and their home life.

Pisces and Aquarius | A finite game in most cases. Intimate, with a genuine understanding of one another's needs.  They may be too alike. Neither want to spare what they believe is their own.

Pisces and Pisces | Four fish swimming in the relationship of their dreams. They might fade into one another and need outside energy injected. Recognizing one another might be frightening. What didn't the Pisces realize about their own flaws? They will build an imaginaryscape with great tenderness together.


They will love you. And if they have to, they will let you go.

Don't be afraid to tell a Pisces what you need. Just like they are willing to be pushed into new experiences, they will change for you if it means learning something worthwhile, keeping someone they love, or both.

Marriages are not endings to Pisces, but beginnings and mirrors. Often, Pisces find great healing and solace in committed love. They have little concern for their partner's social status, profession, and past mistakes. If they feel they are home, they are home.

Through relationships, Pisces heal their wounds. They play to continue, but give deep regard to death and shadows. Much of their sensuality goes toward better understanding their quiet inner sadness.

Pisces treat their lovers like their artwork. It is a chance to create an experience and locate an apex in the midst of confusion. They are adventurous and communicative, but emotions might fog their logic. A Pisces' outward expression does not always express inner heart. Ask again for clarity, and be patient. The sun needs time to reflect its light off the moon.

To keep a Pisces happy forever, become a conspirator of their special destiny.

Esoteric Associations

Pisces is the sign of mediatorship. The influence of Pisces represents awakening from former imprisonment and liberation via sensitivity. Receptivity evolves into a single-pointed direction through Pisces. The hidden powers of the soul are still latent, but growing exponentially in potential within the womb of a Pisces person, and beginning to find expression.

Two fish swim in opposite directions, connected by a cord. Often in esoteric work we encounter the reconciliation of opposites. It deeply helps Pisces find their purpose when they understand that seeming paradoxes might exist harmoniously, if only given enough space.

Childlike Pisces

Yes, Pisces can be deathly serious, but they remain lucid. They are grounded in rhythmic flow. Think of a single rock tied to many balloons. Pisces can find the density in air. Moon in Pisces is happiest in suspension, floating. Because Pisces exist in both physical and astral realms, their perspective is unparalleled. If you need intuitive and wise advice, ask them. If you're a fire sign like Leo or Sagittarius, you might be surprised by the cohesive, logical beauty of their thought process.

Pisces are perceptive and open-minded. They have strong opinions when they aren't distracted by their own thoughts, but can see any side easily. Events and conversations filter through their value system. As a child, they are always open to learning. While growing up, they can become smug about their wide-ranging experience.

Pisces Preferences

Pisces relish imaginative play. They don't objectify people or situations for their own gain. Later in life, they treasure their concrete goals. They tend toward responsibility as they get older. Pisces finds a grounding, peaceful energy in the triumph of service. Often, physical rewards don't manifest until later.

A fogged, sad, or confused Pisces might become impulsive, break a promise, or act vehement. Their uplifting personality transmutes into self-conservation. They don't understand evil. They try to understand by looking for God in it.

Pisces as Employee

Pisces is simply learning. They are not cutthroat in business matters. People with Sun or Moon in Pisces may come across as vaporous and uncaring, but their obsessions exist elsewhere. They find motivation in religion, school, and philosophy, where abstract experience is structured into rigorous study.

An employee might think Pisces irresponsible at first. Pisces disagrees. Their service comes in the form of empathy, malleability, and willingness to try new ways of working and being. They are quick learners, hard workers, and genuinely interested in details.

Poetic Pisces

Pisces may leave a room abruptly to deal with about some mysterious feeling. Maybe they had been daydreaming about a memory and need space to think. Maybe they are having an epiphany about how to heal their own issues, or need to extract the esoteric meaning of some symbol.

Writing, drawing, or otherwise externalizing their innermost sensations helps Pisces fend off addiction, compulsion, and even psychosis.

Pisces is one of six signs that constitute the Creative Hierarchy, along with Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Adventurous Pisces

Ask them to explore an abandoned playground with you. Pisces live for the trespass, and the revelation. They can intuit the history of a place by closing their eyes. This feeling gives them stunning joy, like they are living outside their own mind. Adventure serves as an opportunity to gain insights into human nature.

Pisces will maintain their sense of adventure their whole life. It doesn't mean they won't change in other ways. Actually, Pisces find genuine solace in adventure. It helps them move on from the past, shaking old energies off via roadtrips, plane rides, and long hikes. Dancing at concerts, meeting new people, musing over new ideas, stepping into hushed churches, talking to spirits, singing in the mirror, and doing intense, sudden research are all positive experiences. Join them if you're in the mood to leave your world behind for a while.


Planet Neptune rules the subconscious mind. Pisces listens gently. This means lots of love and attention for those topics we avoid, like politics and fear. We need Pisces to help us forgive ourselves and others, to let go of the past, and develop our potential quickly.

The moon represents emotions, relations, and suspended context. Neptune reveals much about illusion, magic, and fantasy. Pisces are sensual. Certain of them are deeply private. This is because they understand the amorphous nature of all convictions.

This life is a brief stopping point for Pisces. Sensing how many more lifetimes they have, how many they've already lived, they may plant flowers where the lawn meets the house. They need travel, whether internal or external. Pisces make the some of the best hedge witches.

Pluto rules Pisces at the soul level. Pluto aids any who struggle with duality of soul and personality, and helps all signs in the zodiac understand how much space actually exists between ego and true self. Coming to terms with death means liberation under Pluto, which breaks down selfish tendencies.

Pluto may bring temporary change or suffering. It does so to reveal the greater reality of consciousness.

Pisces Rituals

The fish absorbs trauma, joy, envy, even violence. The Pisces cannot transform their porous nature. A Pisces suffers least when they construct personal boundaries. These borders actually enable their freedom. They can visualize protective energies of light, or utilize physical aids like sage or stones. They find protection in their dreams, where they are at home.

When harshness punctures Pisces, they might retreat, but they'll return bright-eyed and restored in their own faith. Pisces find truth and reverie in suffering. A lunar Pisces who gets lost in self-pity can find guidance in Lilith. The moon-goddess was driven out of sunlight to face darkness. Pisces recognize the unknown as the sea of infinity.

Quiet your mind. Let the voices of the ego wash over you. Slowly let go.

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