Taurus: About This Zodiac Sign

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Studying the zodiac signs can be extremely interesting and eye-opening if you allow yourself to be receptive to the things that you’re bound to discover. A lot of people feel that the study of astrology is quite generalized and predictable, but in reality, it has a lot of very fine and intricate details to it. That means that each and every person that falls under one specific zodiac sign will be special in their own distinct ways. We’re still different people at the end of the day, and that’s a truth that definitely applies when it comes to the zodiac. There are so many people living their lives on this planet that it would be impossible for our existences not to be very similar in some ways. But, we all walk a path that is uniquely our own. Astrology is simply one of many studies that can help us traverse our unique path that much easier.

When we can separate ourselves from the misleading idea that astrology is a “one size fits all” kind of study, it’s easier to get over the apprehension to believe what astrology might be trying to show us or teach us. Not every trait or characteristic that’s associated with your sign will relate to your personality, and there’s nothing wrong with that. All that’s important is that you receive the relevant, useful anecdotes that you find in astrology and apply those ideas in your everyday life. If you’ve been having personal struggles revolving around your personal life or career, delving into the study of astrology might help you get some clarity that pinpoints areas of concern or improvement for you to focus on.

A lot of people find that astrology is reassuring when it comes to things that they might have already been considering in their life. For example, horoscopes often give us clues about where our love lives might head in the near future. But it goes much deeper than horoscopes. Birth charts are another tool that astrology enthusiasts talk about regularly, and they’re an essential piece to getting the most out of astrology. If you’re searching for the most in-depth look into the cosmic chemistry behind what makes you you, uncovering your birth chart could be something to look into as a next step.

For now, we’re going to fix our focus on one sign of the zodiac in particular to get familiar with. That would be the second sign of the zodiac known as Taurus. We probably all know at least one Taurus that we love and care for deeply, and they’re born between April 20 and May 20. Taurus zodiac sign is classified as an earth sign, and the mascot of Taurus is the bull. In the general sense, Taurus folks are known for their love of reward and payoffs in life. If they can have the things that they desire most in excess, they’re not going to turn down that opportunity readily. The finer things in life seem to motivate them in all that they do. To get a better picture of the complex breakdown behind the way the Taurus operates, we’re going to look into a number of key areas that illustrate their personalities in a very clear way.


An Overview of Taurus

When you think about the Taurus, “responsible” is one of the words that generally comes to mind first. They know how to work hard for the things that they want and need, but don’t be mistaken, the Taurus also loves to be pampered and taken care of as well. A partner that showers Taurus in love and affection is a dream come true! They don’t very easily separate themselves from their love for material things, and they’ll take any chance that arises to be spoiled by someone else. Even though they deeply enjoy being cared for by others, the Taurus knows a thing or two about working hard to provide for themselves, and they’re not in the habit of depending on handouts to get by. The bull-headedness that relates to the mascot for this sign tells us that the Taurus is not easily swayed from their convictions. Being stubborn comes naturally for a Taurus, and they have to make a conscious effort to relinquish control in some situations. They know better than to get too comfortable allowing others to do for them, so they seem to stay primed and ready for change or adjustments in their lives.

A Taurus is usually in control and relaxed in disposition, but it doesn’t take very much probing to end up on their bad side. If pushed too far, the Taurus can react with a wrath that stings deep, and you can bet that they won’t let you forget about the fact that you crossed them. When a Taurus feels that they have been wronged, they want everyone to know about it, and they’re not shy about making a very vocal stand in those situations. The Taurus doesn’t appreciate being surprised or being made aware of a situation after the fact, and they can be extremely prideful.

You want to be upfront and honest with the Taurus at all times to avoid less-than-desirable effects. If you cross a Taurus, you shouldn’t be surprised when they expose your trespasses against them to anyone that might be around to listen. The Taurus tends to let their emotions swell and build up and eventually--when their stress levels peak--there might come a time when they end up blowing up on someone in a fit of anger. Taurus should look to discover ways to ease their stresses without raising their blood pressure levels!

The Taurus appreciates thoughtful gestures, and they’re very moved by even the smallest acts of kindness. Receiving expensive material things brings them great joy, but even small, cheap gifts can make them feel admired and appreciated. It doesn’t take very much to get on the good side of a Taurus, but there might be quite some work involved when it comes to staying on that good side of a Taurus. They don’t have much tolerance for liars or manipulators, and they have no problem ridding their circles of toxic friends and toxic energy without a second thought about it. When a Taurus comes to you with a bone to pick, you’ll lose all of their respect unless you tell them the truth first and foremost. Once a Taurus has washed their hands of you, there’s no turning back in their mind. What you see is what you get with the Taurus, and they’re not big on keeping up appearances. The last thing that a Taurus is concerning themselves with is the opinions of other people that have no understanding for their life experience. The Taurus can’t help but be both genuine and blunt when it comes to communicating their thoughts and feelings. Beating around the bush is one very quick way to aggravate a Taurus. They want you to bring them the facts, no matter how painful the truth might be to hear in that moment.

Creating and seeing results motivates the Taurus to always strive for more in their professional environments. The Taurus is known for getting things done and being very reliable, so you can feel good about trusting them with pressing tasks. Taurus also tends to sometimes take on more than they can handle in the workplace. They’re grateful when they receive recognition for their accomplishments, and the Taurus works hard to always stay at the top of their game. They don’t make it a point to always be seen or heard, but their work ethic clearly speaks for itself. They can be very patient and understanding, especially when it comes to dealing with their romantic partners and loved ones.

The Taurus Lover

taurus lover

The Taurus lives to please and be pleased in the romantic arena! Their sexual appetites can be a bit much for some people to handle, but the Taurus is the type that’s always down to try something new and exciting in the bedroom. The Taurus is very open to experimentation, and it’s no surprise to find out that Taurus lovers have no problem with bringing a little kink into the equation for even more fun. They’re not quickly depleted when it comes to making love with the one they love, so the Taurus needs a partner that can match their vigor and excitement tenfold.

The Taurus has very little reservations about speaking their mind when it comes to the things that they want most, so you can expect them to be quite vocal about subject matter concerning sex. The Taurus likes to make you aware of all of the things they enjoy and don’t enjoy in the bedroom, so you should be unsurprised to hear consistent praise for your performance if your Taurus lover enjoys what you’re doing to them. Going the extra mile and ensuring that your Taurus partner is enjoying your sex life by starting a dialogue with them about it will make them feel even more special in your eyes. Communication is definitely a huge turn on for Taurus, and a deep conversation is one of the best ways to engage them before things get hot and bothered.

Taurus is always giving the most of themselves in romantic aspects. It’s probably highly likely that past relationships have left Taurus feeling guarded with new romantic interests. Taurus might have also had issues feeling safety with past partners, so it’s important to nurture them with assurance. When Taurus finds themselves interested in a new person, it’s very hard not to get wrapped up in them immediately. Taurus has the toughest challenges practicing control in relationships. It can be so easy for Taurus to just give into their partner’s requests or needs without considering their own. When Taurus dates a partner that doesn’t give of their affection equally, Taurus withdraws and gets fed up when their concerns are not taken to heart. The Taurus doesn’t take kindly to being ignored. Taurus also doesn’t enjoy having to repeat themselves time and time again.

While Taurus knows how enriching a truly real relationship can, Taurus also appreciates having their own space and time. They can be introverted in more ways than one, and it’s not unlike Taurus to want to spend the evening in the house watching a movie or listening to music. Taurus generally flourishes with their own devices before finding romantic love. If they’re not ready for it, Taurus can end up being distracted and derailed by the wrong romantic occurrences. Although it can take time, Taurus can eventually heal itself after a bad breakup if they can place their focus on the right things in the meanwhile. Taurus will generally throw themselves into work whenever their personal life might be lacking something they need or want. Taurus craves the connection that fulfills them in relationships, but it takes much searching for them to find the partner that suits them best. Taurus is unlikely to settle for less than they deserve, and they would much rather make due alone until the right thing came along. Long-term relationships with the Taurus horoscope are a constant negotiation of needs and desires.  The stubborn mind of the Taurus can make them pickier than most other folks.

The Taurus aims to take care of their lover in the sack just as they aim to be taken care of. Knowing that their partner wants to make their pleasure a priority really gets the Taurus in the mood, and that can be enough to motivate them to go above and beyond each and every time they lay down together for an intimate moment. Sexual deprivation can cause Taurus to pull away from their lover, and they can easily shut down when they feel they’re being ignored, so you never want to lose sight of their physical needs. Sex is by no means the only thing that Taurus cares about, but it’s certainly a huge part of any successful relationship that they might hope to cultivate.

Taurus Man, Taurus Woman

taurus man and woman

There are some zodiac signs that are just not well suited for being together when it come to relationships, but that isn’t the case for Taurus. In fact, a Taurus man and Taurus woman make up one of the most stable pairings of all of the zodiac for same-sign relationships. When a Taurus and Taurus come together in a relationship, they tend to reach heights of pleasure that aren’t regularly achieved by other couples of the same sign. The sex between them is almost always magical, and Taurus couples tend to make deep soul connections right from the start because they value the same ideas so closely.

They generally find connection in their mutual need for safety and security in a partner. There’s something about the balance of seriousness and playfulness that makes a Taurus being with another Taurus so comfortable. Depending on who plays what role in terms of career, either the man or woman takes up the work of providing for the home, and the other party takes up the work of taking care of the home. In our more modern times, it’s not at all uncommon to see both men and women working to provide for the home, and a Taurus is always going to be inspired by a partner that works just as tirelessly as they do for the greater good of the unit. The Taurus sign is known for always willing to pitch in and lend a hand, and they love having that in a partner as well.

There’s a deep passion for life and love that ends up tethering Taurus couples together, and problem-solving efforts tend to be less fiery and difficult when two Taurus lovers have to create space for understanding after a disagreement. A Taurus is known for being practical in nature, and this helps them to pick their battles wisely. Misunderstandings are less of an issue for them as they like to get to the bottom of a complication right then and there as it’s taking shape. A Taurus isn’t usually the type to let their anger linger on! They want to let you know about their discomfort as soon as possible, and then they’re going to count on you to be there with them to make it right.

When a Taurus doesn’t feel supported or taken seriously by their partner, they’re bound to close off and find that support either in themselves or some outside party. Because of a mutual emphasis on honest communication, a man Taurus and a woman Taurus make a great romantic match. There’s also something about having two bull-headed personalities in the equation that helps to keep the waters naturally calm. When each party in the relationship has respect for the other, it’s rare that misunderstandings end up escalating to more than that.

The Taurus Parent

taurus parent

The Taurus takes their parenting duties seriously, and they aim to raise the type of children that turn into wholesome adults. The Taurus has no problem taking up complete parenting responsibilities all on their own if absolutely necessary, and they’re not the kind of parents that like to sugarcoat the truth for their children. They want their kids to know about both the negative and positive things that can happen to them in this life. The Taurus personality, like a bull, will fiercely protect their children from danger. They instill a sense of hard work in their children that mirrors their own.

This means that allowing their kids to learn from experience is a huge part of their parenting style. They realize that their children are going to have to fall down a few times before they have understanding for the best way to pick themselves back up. The Taurus sun sign parent hopes to care for and support their child without smothering them. They encourage their children to live authentically and they want to see them thrive creatively. They’re not very likely to raise children that are bratty or needy. While they want to make their kids aware of the fact that they mean business whenever it comes to breaking rules, the Taurus parent also has a soft and cuddly spot for their young ones as well. Children of Taurus parents tend to grow into independent, free-thinking adults with well-adjusted attitudes and outlooks.

While Taurus parents want to raise free spirits that make decisions for themselves, they also strive to raise children that are responsible and capable of depending on their own strengths and talents for the things that they need to be successful in life. Taurus parents will continue to present the value of hard work to their children throughout their lives. While they would love to see that their children find supportive providers, the Taurus knows how difficult it can be to depend on others for everyday necessities, and they never want to be one of the reasons why their children suffer later in life.

As far as discipline goes, the Taurus has no problem counting on a little tough love when necessary. They don’t make a habit of being brutal with their kids, but they definitely aren’t afraid of using force when it has to be utilized. This is probably due in large part to the fact that Taurus parents strive to always make themselves available to their children. They’re the kind of parents that ask for unfiltered honesty from their children, and they want to support them as much as possible throughout their struggles. Whenever the Taurus parent has to discipline their young, it’s never an easy decision. They usually feel that their hand has been forced and a boundary has to be established.

All in all, the Taurus parent is extremely warm and open to give love and affection to their children. They accept the challenge of parenthood and do all that they can to succeed in raising their children right. Each Taurus parent will have their own fine-tuned approach, but Taurus doesn’t have time for misbehaving. They hope to raise their children to respect their authority without having to resort to physical punishments. They like to depend on reason and logic to educate their children about why certain choices they’ve made were incorrect or ill-timed. They know how truly important it is to make a loving connection with their children from the very start. Taurus always tries to keep space in their mind for the future, and they know that their children will remember a lot of the interactions that they share over the years.

The Taurus Friend

taurus friend

Taurus is extremely friendly and sociable for the most part, but it takes a special person to become a friend to them. Many people like them and enjoy their company, but few people can say that they know them personally. Taurus has many layers, and it takes time for them to really warm up to new people coming into their lives. Taurus might befriend a good amount of people, but few of those people are actually considered true friends. Taurus takes their friendships seriously, and they need to know that they can have deep trust in their friends. It’s not often that Taurus feels that they can turn to someone for support, and that’s why having great friends around them is so important. Any time that Taurus feels they are being misled or toyed with, they generally respond with anger. That means that anyone that might want to befriend them should always be genuine and authentic in dealing with them. When Taurus feels alone and they have no romantic love in their life, their friends can help them to find happiness and balance outside of their work and worry. Taurus will give their very best friends the shirt off of their back if they needed it.

Taurus doesn’t run around gossiping, and they really don’t appreciate being gossiped about. When they share serious things with friends, they have to feel secure in knowing that their friends won’t go blabbing to anyone and everyone. Taurus cherishes the deep friendships they develop, and they’re always right there supporting and uplifting their friends like no one else could. Taurus always encourages their friends to chase their dreams and go for the gold. Taurus is an enthusiastic supporter of living life for the moment, and they never shy away from encouraging their friends to do just that! Just like in their romantic relationships, Taurus wants open communication from their friends. They want their friends to be honest and real with them at all times. Taurus realizes that we all have friends around us to help us find healing and support whenever we might be feeling low. Taurus is always encouraging people and reassuring them that they’re on the right track whenever they might feel lost or unsure.

Taurus likes to help people when they can, and it seems that a lot of people come to Taurus for advice. The Taurus can be extremely selfless when it comes to doing for others. Taurus is the kind of person that people just feel comfortable talking to naturally. Taurus has a lot of their own life experience that they share freely with friends so that they might learn from their example. A Taurus friend will always be there for you with a shoulder for you to cry on. If you need to hear some truth that might be hard to swallow, you can count on Taurus to be there to say it. Even though they might come off as harsh in the eyes of some, Taurus really means well, even when they might seem abrasive or painfully honest. If Taurus cares about you, Taurus is most likely going to hold you to the same standards that they hold themselves to.

The Taurus is relentlessly loyal to those that they care for, and they can be quick to spring to action when it comes to defending their friends. Taurus isn’t the type that will sit back and let someone bad mouth you while they’re around. They’ll be extremely vocal in defending your name and your honor, and all they ask is that you do the same for them in return. Taurus won’t bother entertaining a friendship with you if you don’t show some level of consistency or reliability.

Reciprocity is big to the Taurus, and they don’t have a problem calling you out if your behavior is not up to par. Your word means a lot to your Taurus friends. Don’t say that you’re going to do a favor for Taurus and then not come through at the last minute! Inconsistency is one of the biggest turn offs for Taurus. They don’t appreciate being reeled in and then disappointed. If you can count on the Taurus in your time of need, Taurus is going to at least hope that they can count on you too should they ever end up in a tight spot. Taurus is probably one of the last signs that’s likely to ask for help from friends or family, but they do like to feel that their friends will have their back through the hard times. In friendships and romantic relationships, Taurus is going to hold you accountable for the mistakes that you make.

Wrap Up

Taurus is a sign with depth and richness. People of this star sign stand for what they believe in, experience life to the fullest, and develop deep and meaningful relationships. Though they may sometimes come off as abrasive or stubborn, understand that their best intentions lay in their hearts. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with a Taurus no matter what relation you have to them.

If you are a Taurus yourself, be aware of how highly you hold your guard up, and remember to breathe in situations that seem stressful. You know who your true friends and long lasting relationship partners are, so hold them closely and show them your appreciation. They love you for your dynamism.

The key to getting the best results with studying astrology is being able to separate yourself from the information you come into contact with. Don’t read too deeply into the things that you find. Know when to step back and take a break from it all. It can become very easy to get lost in everything that you learn once you’re hungry for the information, and too much studying can cause anxiety for some of us if we’re not extra careful. Although you don’t want to live religiously by the things revealed to you in the teachings of astrology, you should feel that you can allow the insights you find to guide you down the right path. Sometimes you just might feel like you need a little extra reassurance before making a big decision. When you don’t know who you can turn to to talk about it, you might just want to turn to the stars! Astrology paints the picture of what our lives could look like if we take this bend or go this way. It’s ultimately up to us to make the decisions that decide our fate.